My friend , Vanessa who has known me for 6 years has identified me as a really good listener. One that’s willing to stop whatever I am doing to just sit down and have a chat with someone who isn’t feeling well. I am funny, humorous, and also a person able to lift the spirits of the people around me with my words and actions. I’m thoughtful and I notice others. I used to be a wallflower and was once quiet and observant, but now I step out to help my friends and those whom I know need my help. I’m a very entertaining friend. I am someone who people won’t get bored hanging around with, especially if we are good friends. I am very accepting. In a sense, I make people feel less awkward and weird because I am able to put myself in their shoes and feel for them.

My thoughts are that I do like involving myself and helping my friends in need so my friend is quite true. I am also quite funny. My friend is really quite accurate.


One thought on “#weekly

  1. Yes, from what I’ve observed about you in class, I must say she’s pretty accurate! 🙂 Continue putting your talent to good use, Gabriel!


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