Q1. What are some background information you discovered as part of your planning for the visit?

I did not know we had to plan anything but I knew we were going to see planes 🙂

Q2. Discuss in your opinion, some of the key issues related to this visit. (role of NS, duration of NS, defence strategy, defence policy, total defence, ladies in NS, NS Safety, NS Careers etc.)

In my opinion, The RSAF wanted to get more people interested in the air force to potentially get more people to join the force to serve the country so they held this open house. The RSAF also wanted to show Singaporeans that it can be “cool” to join the air force and fly fighter jets. The RSAF also wanted to share some of their defence strategies like apprehending a unknown aircraft mid flight.

Q3. After this visit, what do you see as your role/responsibility as an individual to the community?

This visit has made me realise that even if I cannot contribute to the community in the military firm, I can still contribute by doing my part as a citizen to stand united as a country to deter potential terrorist.


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