For sustainable seafood (Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)), halal certified & organic, I would go Parkway Parade’s Cold Storage Supermarket and get myself an Atlantic Cod which is MSC-certified, Halal-certified and as well as organic as the fishes are farmed and cook it with lemon zest and juice with a drizzle of garlic and butter. This meets the requirements of all my friends.


For delightful Halal certified food, I would bring my friends to Ayam Penyet President, an Indonesian restaurant, located at Kallang Wave Mall as the Smashed Fried Chicken (Ayam Penyet) is very succulent with mouth-watering chicken that melts in your mouth with “kriuk kriuk” which are the crispy things on the top of the chicken which gives it it’s famous taste and flavour. As for drinks, the Soda Gembira (Iced Soda with Milk) just bursts with flavour and you would be craving for more!


Here are a few photos of me eating at my FAVOURITE RESTAURANT 🙂

As you can see, I really do love the Ayam Penyet and the Soda Gembira!

As for a social enterprise eatery, I have chosen the famous 18 chefs as it gives ex-convicts a second chance at life by recruiting them into their workforce and letting their creativity run freely. 18 chefs was founded by an ex-convict, Benny Se Teo’ and he has given the same opportunity to those who want to turn their life around.benny-se-teo-2

Here is a photo of my friends and I having dinner at 18 chefs in Bedok Mall


And here is a photo of JP/01/06 with Ms Yaw having lunch at 18 chefs in The Star Vista 🙂


There is a lunch meal where you get to ‘design your own dish to fit your taste’ from a variety of sauces and ingredients together with an ice lemon tea and a scoop of ice cream for the price of ONLY $6.40!!!!! WHAT A STEAL! (pun intended)












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